About Pole Fitness Kingston

Pole Fitness Kingston is the newest, hottest fitness studio in Kingston, ON. As Pole Fitness has been the fastest growing athletic industries with studios popping up all over Canada and abroad, one was yet to be seen in Kingston. Having taken Pole Fitness for over three years in Ottawa ON, the founder of PFKingston decided to bring her passion for pole fitness to the Kingston community and envisioned a high-energy, inspiring alternative to fitness to the city. Eight months later, Pole Fitness Kingston is drawing a diverse group of members of all ages and fitness levels.

Pole Fitness Kingston proudly offers weekly pole exercise classes, featuring three talented instructors. The meticulously maintained fitness studio is staffed by PFIC trained professionals who are available to help you hone in on your personal fitness goals while maximizing your workout.

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Call Us: 1.800.358.0728