*Note: Pole Drop-in's & PF Series 1-6 are ongoing - see schedule for class days/times*  
Class Series:

Pole Fitness Series 1-10 (1 hr/wk, 6 wk session for students/military) Early Reg. Fee $128+tax! Reg. $158+tax            

Pole Fitness Series 1-10 (1 hr/wk, 6 wk session for non-students) Early Reg. Fee $135+tax! Reg. $165+tax                 

Workshops & Private/Semi-Private Pole Lessons: 
90 Minute Workshops                                                        $45
Private Pole Lesson - 1 on 1 for 1 hour                                          $90
Private Pole Lessons - 4 session package                         $295
Semi-private Pole Lesson - 1hr, inc. 2ppl                         $75
Private Chair Lesson - 45mins                                           $65

*Please call to make an appointment for private lessons*
*Workshops will be available for purchase online when offered*

**NEW** Pole Fitness Drop-in Package (x8)  ~   Only $150!     (can be applied for any of our weekly drop-in classes)
Pole Drop-in class (*Sign-up for a $5 Introductory drop-in class - see schedule*)     $22
Pole Fit & Flexibility Class  (per class, when offered)                           $25
Open Pole Practice - included in class series enrollment or membership packages          $12  *For Drop-in practice, pole experience is required* 

Private Pole Parties:
~ Girls Night Out ~ Bachelorette ~ Birthdays ~ Just for Fun!
1 Hour Pole Dance Party - $ 230 +tax.  
This is a great option if you are tight for time and want to spice up your evening with your friends, we will make sure to start your evening off right even if we only have an hour to do so - this is perfect for parties of 6 people or less.
1½ Hour Pole Dance Party - $ 270 +tax.  
Your pole party will be a great opportunity for you to bond with your friends, unleash your sexy and sassy side and learn some fun dance moves on the pole - you might even learn some ways to spice up your relationship.  This is a great amount of time for parties of 10 people.

2 Hour Pole Dance Party - $ 325 +tax.  
This two hour party will allow for all party goers to have more time to learn a little routine around the pole and gain some sexy tricks. Its the perfect amount of time for larger groups to get to know the pole, learn a sexy routine and have some time near the end to take lots of fun photos. Recommended for parties of 15 people.

Chair/Lap Dance Party - Add Extra $50 to your 90 or 120 minute party + tax
Make your party complete and add the chair! Get ready to have a blast as you each take turns being the 'lapdancer' and the 'lapdancee'!!

*$25 for additional party guest on top of recommended number of people.
*Must Call to Book your Pole Dance Party - 1.800.358.0728.    

Gift Certificates - Available at any cost you choose to Give!

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