Why Pole Fitness Kingston?

Pole Fitness Kingston is an intimate and fully equipped studio centrally located in the beautiful limestone city, Kingston Ontario, and is situated within the new and beautifully built student rental building @ 663 Princess St.

At PFKingston, we offer a fun alternative to fitness for those who are tired of going through the motions at the gym or on a treadmill. Our staff is dedicated to providing an exciting, fun, safe, supportive, and non-judgemental environment while offering the highest quality of Pole-Fitness-Dance classes incorporating a variety of styles and traditions. With pole fitness, your mind and your body is your biggest and best strength challenge!

Our class series start at beginner/foundational levels onto advanced level classes in order to suit the needs of your fitness and physical capabilities. We believe that our 1 hour classes in 6 week increments are most appropriate in order for you to progress safely and smartly in Pole Fitness and in order to build the appropriate physical strength to eventually perform advanced pole moves and quick tricks. Classes will incorporate powerful and challenging workouts along with restorative and relaxing aspects focused around improving core strength and flexibility. Through Pole Fitness it is our goal to inspire, motivate and empower individuals to develop the mental and physical strength they desire.  
Photo: preview of the waiting room/hang out area at PFKingston:
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Thank you...

To Patry Inc. Developments et al,
We are very excited to be a part this beautiful building...thank you for sharing it with us and for all of your support during this busy construction period. Cheers to all of the workers who were a part of making the re-build the great product it was intended to be, an awesome residence and a great place for those who visit to make and share new memories.



Special Photo Credit to Jamie Kronick Photography,
Thank you for sharing your visual talents, for the long day of getting the perfect lighting, timing, and pictures of this awesome sport and its beauty! You rock my friend.



To Ottawa Pole Fitness,
Thank you for sharing your, studio, beautiful and talented staff, your passion for pole and for all of your support and advise. You have been much inspiration and part of the drive to bring Pole Fitness to Kingston.


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